The best Oscar 2023 Hair Looks

Like every year, the movie stars compete to win, in addition to the coveted statuette, also the title of best dressed, made up and combed.

Giving life to an actual riot of beauty, an army of hairdressers and make-up artists express their art to the fullest to please and make the pampered Hollywood stars shine on the most spied-on red carpet in the world.

Never like this year have we witnessed a large amount of collected hair and buns of all shapes and textures. Banned the extravagance, for this edition…let’s see the looks that we liked the most selected by our Artistic Director, Antonio Musumeci.


Among the most discussed for her personal events but also among the most beautiful, Cara Delevingne shows off an essential and rigorous low chignon.

Clean and side-parted, she pops and frames her beautiful gaze.

Simple and absolutely to be reproduced thanks to Modeling Paste by Rica Styling, the ultra-flexible non-greasy modeling paste with a matt effect.


Divine actress also for her ethereal beauty, Cate Blanchett brings to the red carpet, with the elegance that distinguishes her, a soft and romantic updo. Fake disheveled style, masterfully collected in small torchon while the volumes are concentrated on the top of her head.

To reproduce it we can use Rica Styling products. Sea Salt Spray drying to give texture. After drying them instead we will fix everything with Perfect Finishing Spray.


Jessica Chastain, with her beautiful long auburn hair, is certainly among the chicest. Soft and sinuous waves frame her face and float together with her steps. Her sideline caresses her face, giving it a sensuality of the past like the great divas of the past who have walked the red carpet before her.

It is possible with Rica Styling products. During the drying phase Plumping Hair Mousse, the mousse that gives texture, hydration and control, making it easy to work with. We work the strands with a thick iron and finally we polish with a few drops of Opuntia Oil Treatment.


As always she doesn’t go unnoticed, this time for the simplicity of the hairstyle to which we are not used to. Lady Gaga amazes us with a braid attached to the head and devoid of any volume with very dark roots clearly visible and very blond lengths as if to underline that regrowth is enough to transgress, and everything is allowed for her.

Nothing easier to do at home, thanks to Unique Matt Clay, the ultra-flexible, non-greasy modeling clay with a matt effect. Ideal for creating strong and decisive looks.


Florence Pugh’s hairstyle attracts attention like a sculpture. Very tight hair in a ponytail at the center of the head, evidently the length is perfect for recreating a wave that covers the hairline. It all ends in a small and short fringe on the forehead, beautiful.

The tribute to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the great Audrey Hepburn is clear. For this style, you need a little dexterity and Rica Styling products. To collect the hair in a ponytail we will use Smooth Styling Cream, the smooth cream, ideal for regulating thick, unruly and frizz-prone hair. On the lengths, we will apply Defining Hair Gel. Finally, we will fix the whole look with Perfect Finishing Spray.

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