The best Golden Globes 2023 Hair Looks
The best Golden Globes 2023 Hair Looks

Once again this year the curtain falls on the 80th edition of the Golden Globes, the annual US award recognized for the best films and television programs of the season.

This is the first red carpet of the season, but also an opportunity to get a first glimpse of the new year’s trends in terms of colors, outfits and above all beauty trends, all to be replicated.

Our Artistic Director, Antonio Musumeci, has selected for us his personal winners in terms of Hair Look.

I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023


It is certainly her golden moment, brought to the fore by Tim Burton in the series Wednesday. Just enough time to adore her iconic look from the series and the Wednesday bangs, it’s already time for a new haircut….

It is a short haircut that reaches above the shoulders, with light layers that give volume. Furthermore, the tips are slightly pointed and lightened so as to rotate outwards, so as to follow the curve of the neck. And then she keeps her usual bangs with a slight opening in the center and some scattered hair, to give a new, sexier interpretation of curtain bangs.
To reproduce it you can use Plumping Hair Mousse on damp hair and Perfect Finishing Spray to fix everything.

I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023


Acclaimed, award-winning and chameleonic actress. This time she is the protagonist of a maxi crop with a princely allure, an excellent choice to enhance her face with perfect features.

On the nape, instead, opt for a triumph of chignon that frames a sober, but well-studied and executed look. To reproduce it we need a certain length of hair or using extensions of the same color and a good dexterity.

As a first step, apply Smooth Styling Cream, a smooth disciplining cream to have greater control and discipline the hair and at the end, Modeling Paste to comb it well back and tame baby hair.

I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023


She is one of the protagonists of House of the Dragon, the best drama series award at the Golden Globes.

She chooses a wet look semi-gathered at the back bob with a jewel accessory, dropping two strands on the front to frame her face, making her elegant and at the same time cheeky.

Replicating this look at home is very easy. Just use the Crystal Pomade, the water-based pomade with an extreme brilliance that gives definition and hold.

I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023


Hair down and a natural effect for Lady D. of The Crown.

A very simple girl-next-door look, almost suitable for every day. A style that shows off hair that is certainly healthy and with a bright color that frames a slightly angular but beautiful face.

This perfect look is achieved with Opuntia Oil DD Haircream and Sea Salt Spray. The first one is a multi-benefit leave-in cream that gives body, silkiness and detangles the hair, regulating frizz. The second one is a sea salt spray that gives texture and gives a more disheveled effect to the whole look.

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I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023
I migliori Hair Look dei Golden Globes 2023
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