Hair look ideas for wedding guests

The 2023 wedding season has officially started and there is no shortage of fashion and beauty inspirations to be elegant, sophisticated and glamorous at any type of event.

But when it comes to hair looks and hairstyles, how do you choose the most suitable for your hair type?

Here are a few simple rules to follow if you are invited to a wedding this season:

  • Choose a hair looks that last all day.
  • Match the right hairstyle to your hair.
  • Personalize the hairstyle with details or precious accessories.
  • Use the right haircare and hairstyling products to enhance the final result.

Our Artistic Director, Antonio Musumeci, helps us find the perfect hairstyle if you have long hair, medium hair, short hair, curly hair or hair without volume so as to satisfy every type of guest.


This type of hairstyle is suitable for long hair. Simple but sophisticated, it can vary in a low-crop or medium-height crop leaving several strands loose.

In fact, this versatility makes it the most popular hairstyle for all the guests and it adapts well to any type of dress you can choose.
To achieve this look, on damp hair, we’re going to use Plumping Hair Mousse by Rica Styling to give needed support and control. At this point, with the help of a medium iron, we will create soft waves and mess them up with our hands, leaving a natural texture. We take large frontal sections from both sides turning them on themselves, in order to point them at the nape of the neck with some clothespins.


It’s a certainly trendy hairstyle, one of the most seen styles on red carpets and catwalks in 2023.
The hair is neatly slicked back to the nape of the neck with the rest of the length brushing the shoulders.

It is taken both in long haircuts but finds its maximum expression with medium lengths.

For this style we will use Modeling Paste by Rica Styling, a modeling paste with a matt effect, applying it from root to the nape of the neck and combing.
To embellish and fix the hairstyle we will use simple silver, gold, or the color you like most. You will definitely not go unnoticed.


For guests with short hair, inspiration comes directly from the 80s. An eclectic hairstyle that evokes femininity and freshness in shapes and volumes.
Very elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity, if it is combed back it is also suitable for more formal and smart evening ceremonies.

In this case, we will apply Volumizing Hairspray by Rica Styling on damp hair, to give body and volume, from roots to ends.


Curly hair is trendy. No longer to tame, smooth at all costs, but we are even witnessing the great return of the perm.
Those with curly hair are well aware of the difficulties of keeping them in order as they are susceptible to humidity and therefore to the much-hated frizz effect, frequent with the typical temperature changes in a wedding. Today, to enhance curls, there are dedicated haircuts and products capable of maintaining curls, amplifying their volume, hydrating and polishing.
On damp hair, apply Rica Styling’s Curl Shaping Cream, a modeling and anti-frizz cream to be distributed strand by strand along lengths and ends without using a comb. With a hair diffuser, we dry them upside down touching them as little as possible.
If we want to revive and restyle the curls during a long event, we can use Curl Reviving Spray to rehydrate and restyle the curls.


The fake uncombed hairstyle is one of the most desired looks by wedding guests, especially for those with fine, thin and volumeless hair.
With a few steps and specific products, you can say goodbye to flat hairstyles that fall straight and heavy on shoulders.

To achieve it, we start by preparing the hair with shampoo and conditioner from the Naturica Volumizing Experience line to give fine hair tone and body.
We complete by using Thickening Cream by Rica Styling still on damp hair and proceed with drying upside down, directing the air directly onto the roots, lifting them to create volume and movement. With completely dry hair, apply the volumizing powder, Volume Powder, on the roots and lengths, so as to give volume and definition to fine hair.

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