Pumpkin spice hair is the hair color to try now!

Pumpkin, milk, coffee and a dash of nutmeg. These are the ingredients for the spicy hot drink so loved in the States, which is also depopulating in the old continent and which winks at the haircare world.

And here the hair is dyed with Pumpkin Spice shades to recall the colors of autumn foliage.

Discover with us this trend of recent years that you too will not be able to resist.

Why Pumpkin spice hair?

The result is a red balayage that mixes with orange and that recalls the color of the drink that became famous thanks to the Starbucks chain.
The caramel brown of the nutmeg and cinnamon combine with the orange of the pumpkin to create the must-have color for this autumn.

The peculiarity of pumpkin spice hair is that it makes the hair intense and multifaceted.

What color is it?

For this type of color it is not a single nuance, but a play of shades to be combined with your natural base.

The reflections range from Titian red to copper, from cinnamon to caramel, mixing with darker cocoa-colored reflections and cloves, to create an additional three-dimensionality.

Who is it suitable for?

The benefit of the Pumpkin Spice color is that it can easily be customized by looking for the shade that best suits your skin tone.

For a porcelain complexion, it is better to prefer a red balayage mixed together with more orange tones. Olive complexions, on the other hand, will have to look for brightness through honey and amber reflections. Finally, adding some Pumpkin Spice Hair-style lightening is a great way to warm up and spice up dark skin.

How to keep color at home?

If you’re concerned about color management at home, don’t be discouraged.
To keep the color bright and vivid at home, it makes sense to use the right products.

Cromearth Red Ocher Mask Cromearth, is a copper-blonde mask that revives, illuminates and intensifies the color of copper-blonde hair, both colored and natural.

It repairs internal hair structure.
Gives softness.
Emphasizes color brilliance.

Ready and warm up your autumn too?

Maschera biondo ramato
Mask that illuminates and intensifies the color of copper-blond hair, both colored and natural

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Pumpkin spice hair is the hair color to try now!
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