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Prodotti STYLING

Sea salt spray

Effetto spiaggia
Approvato dagli Haistrylist
Tecnologia innovativa
Pagamenti sicuri
Spedizione veloce

Waves for a beach look
Light and soft textures, developed in order to create and giving shapes at different looks suiting every personality.



Spray on sections of damp or dry hair.

Rica Line Complex
It deeply hydrates and protects hair from frizz and humidity, thus protecting it by creating an invisible film against pollution, thermal styling and UV rays.

Bladder Wrack
Fucus species are particularly rich in alginates, natural polymers with moisturizing and texturizing characteristics. They also contain iodine and selenium, of which the bladderwrack is particularly rich, thus favoring the production of collagen and thus improving its growth rates.

Mothia salt
Salt is one of the oldest minerals that have formed on Earth and a very important element for hair’s health and well-being. Mothia salt is a natural Sicilian integral sea salt, manually extracted and refined without the use of any chemicals.
Particularly rich in magnesium and iodine, it gives hair texture, body and volume.

Watch the exclusive video tutorials of the Waves look

Red Carpet by Antonio Musumeci

Everyday look

Weight 3,3 kg

250 ml

Tipo di Capelli



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