Antonio Musumeci's “Revivre” looks for Rica's new 2021 hair collection

Rica, also this year relies on Antonio Musumeci, Rica Artistic Director for the launch of its new hair collection 2021, focusing on renaissance.

“Every year Rica involveshaircare professionals and technicians in a global event for the new collection’s launch. Due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, we have decided to restart by also changing the way we communicate”, Valeria Chisari, Rica Marketing Directorconfides.

Revivre, this is the name chosen for the new collection, is in fact the result of an ambitious and refined project, an encounter between past and modernity, between dream and reality that is narrated for the first time also in a short film set in the sumptuous and iconic Palazzo Biscari in Catania.

“For this project, I was inspired by the era that was certainly more prosperous and rich in terms of artists, beauty and preciousness. But eliminating its superstructures and overturning the women’s roles”.. This was Antonio Musumeci’s starting point for the work of his new collection.

This collection wants to be a tribute to all women, for all those times that they felt reborn.A new cut, a new color, a new shape, a new style to draw a new female figure.

“In this film”, continues Antonio Musumeci “nothing is as it seems. Those we imagine as marginal characters are instead the protagonists. When we think that the attention is focused on the rich and structured hairstyle of the lady, we realize that the real star is the modern, decisive and fresh cut. Each of these cuts plays with volumes, definition and structure. This is my idea of beauty for women. Strong, determined and ready to take back their leading role”.

The protagonist of this short film moves in a dreamlike atmosphere in search of a rebirth, for herself and for those around her. Revivre is in fact a collection that invites to revive the true essence of people, even when they are hidden in secondary and marginal roles. And it is precisely when you change your point of view that a renaissance takes place.

The hair cuts and colors of this collection also play on the shapes renaissance. New volumes, new colors and new geometries to give life to a determined, strong, dreamy woman who chooses to start from herself every day.

Discover the short movie:

This collection is divided into 4 different looks created by Antonio Musumeci andSemmy Mele Rica Technical Advisor & Educator.


Charmer, dynamic and elegant. Louise is the icon who is reborn from the overwhelming strength of her look. Texture, asymmetry and shapes dynamism in a pixie cut that becomes even more intense by the purple nuances and shades of her color.


Elisabeth is reborn with a new play of light and shadow and with an attractive symmetrical shape. This sinuous movement finds its maximum expression in the waves of her style but is easily adaptable to any look, from smooth to curly.


Henriette is reborn from her color. Warm, enveloping, penetrating and intense that moves freely between the rounded shapes of her haircut.


Sophie is reborn from the light of her blond. Platinum at the base and arctic at the ends for an enchanting, bright and sophisticated look that sinuously moves between the full and voluminous shapes of her haircut.



Rica Artistic Director: Antonio Musumeci

Rica Technical Advisor & Educator: Semmy Mele

Movie directed by: The Atlas Way

DOP: Premananda Franceschini

Location: Palazzo Biscari

Set Designer: Alessandro Bonaccorsi / Assistant: Anna Scordio

Stylist: Mirella Musumeci

Photographer: Toni Campo

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