2022 men's haircut

Short, long, with a tuft, wavy, the men’s haircuts of 2022 are able to satisfy every style and type of hair.

If you are still in doubt about the next cut for him and you are looking for new inspiration, here is the selection of the best male haircuts of 2022, selected by our Hairstylists.


Mullet was the great protagonist among the men’s cuts of 2022. It was born in the 80s and was considered almost a unisex cut. Short and neat on the front and sides and instead left long at the nape, it stands out for its original shape and creative style, which certainly does not go unnoticed.

How to keep it at its best? With Styling. Just apply Crystal Pomade of Opuntia Oil for Men on the tips. Its light water formula will give greater definition and hold.


Diametrically opposite trend are the buzz cuts, which are characterized by extremely short hair all over the head. An extra touch comes with the Buzz Cuts Fade, characterized by a nuance that plays with light and shadow or by a clearer definition. The upper part can have different lengths. This cut requires frequent appointments with the barber and is also ideal for those with thin hair and looking for volume. Here, too, the Opuntia Oil for Men line helps us in styling thanks to the modeling spray Sculpting Lifter, ensuring the right texture. Easy to touch up and remove, it leaves no residue, dries quickly and does not weigh down the hair.


The Bro Flow cut takes its name from the effect given to the hair, which, after washing, is combed back and left to dry naturally to form soft waves all over the hair. This cut, to be done, needs wavy and medium-long hair that just falls on the neck. Even those who do not have naturally wavy hair, however, can try to recreate this effect with the Sea Salt Spray by Rica Styling and with a texturizing and volumizing spray such as Volume Spray by Opuntia Oil for Men. It guarantees immediate volume, definition and texture throughout the day, without weighing you down.


The Shag is a layered cut, also unisex, which plays on the overlap and on the irregular lengths given by a multi-level layering. In fact, it includes very slender tips, volumes concentrated in the center of the head and light and thin lengths. In addition, this haircut plays both with irregular and asymmetrical fringe, and with long and scaled tufts. What are the must haves to care for and define this cut? The ultra-fine volumizing powder, Plumping Powder, for dishevelled but resistant locks and the matte modeling clay Grooming Clay for lengths and ends.

All Opuntia Oil for Men products are cruelty-free and 100% Vegan, with no animal-derived ingredients in any product component.

Find here all the products of Opuntia Oil for Men range specifically for him.

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